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Expand Your Tastes

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Kings Of Leon
Come Around Sundown


You Gonna Eat it Or Not

Because I’m sure he will

The Green Hornet : Seth Rogan and Jay Chou

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Trailer for the new Green Hornet movie based off the 1960’s TV Series and 1930’s radio series. Chou isnt any Bruce Lee but by the looks of it he fairs pretty good. Rogan also is also back in the movies filling in the funny guy roll and lead character. Theres also an onslaught of other big name actors and cameos that join the main heroes. The movie is set to release in January 2011 pending anymore push backs.

Full screen it for a better view

Thats My B*tch – Kanye and Jay-Z ft La Roux

Right after My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy hits stores, Kanye moves right on to the next project. In “Thats My Bitch” Kanye brings the same raw flow from his album and Jay-Z fits his lyrical style in with the tempo of the beat. All the while La Roux graces it with a smooth hook. The collaboration set, Watch The Throne, is slated for some time in 2011.

Download Here: Thats My Bitch

Catch it Now NYPL: Jay-Z and Cornel West

Follow the conversation between the two greats, Jay-Z and Dr. Cornel West, with direction by Paul Holdengraber.

Going over music, profound meaning of words, and topics brought up in Jay’s book DECODED.

Going on Live right now at NYPL Live

Don’t even think about it

Friday Night Lights (Fresh Link)

Got sick of seeing other blogs and sites recycling the same dead links. Not that hard to upload it yourself.

Get it here J. Cole – Friday Night Lights

Gotta Start Somewhere


Keenan Cahill

Video: I Ain’t Shit @BIGKRIT

Vodpod videos no longer available.